Amanda Hess, the critic at large for the New York Times wrote under the headline “The Mark Zuckerberg Aesthetic” on November 2nd, 2021:

“In his world, he could become our architect, decorator, concert promoter, film distributor, fitness guru, curator and stylist, or at least their boss. It’s time to assess Zuckerberg not only as a corporate leader but as a cultural one.” In her lengthy analytics she brings a lot of facets that I have to put in my new hero. “In Zuckerberg’s imagined realm, humans will teleport across the globe in hologram form. Virtual fish will swim in the sky. You’ll have a big virtual telescope in your house, and a floating cast-iron chiminea, and David Attenborough will be there. You’ll still have to spend your days on video conference calls for work, but now some of your colleagues will look like cartoons.”

Amanda Hess has watched the one hour 17 minutes speech of Mark Zuckerberg. In case you have the time then you can get your own impression of the new age, the embodied internet in the words of Zuckerberg.

If you have less time then read in next rez Magazine in January 2022 about GOD 9000, Zuckerberg, Amerika Art and about the artists who created GOD 9000 — Thoth Jantzen & Jo Ellsmere. Surely right now you can’t wait as it is Christmas time so here it comes the Christmas light 2021, featuring GOD 9000 and the nucleus that might be inside.

Over 15 years we know that sounds and explosions are not what makes the Metaverse. The Metaverse has many facets, one is in the arts — and there we present the awards of Amerika Art 2022 given on December 12:

Zuckerberg created a hype that inspired Art Blue to speak at the Opensimulator Conference 2021 about the past. He went in Meta Res.

That is the recorded live-stream